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Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.


offers friendly and helpful advice on hotels and lodges, and can help you to find suitable accommodation as well as provide information on living in Tanzania

Camping facilities

Our service delivery involve use of various type of camping equipments and vehicles that make our customers' tour and travel a memorable experience

Trips and pakages

Various attractive tour packages for every client. We offer packages for various destination and tour attractions in Tanzania including historical sites, cultural and religious importance.

Logistic facilities

Samkalina Tours & Safaris is to ensure our clients are 100% safe and comfortable trips This is why we continually to invest in our vehicles and tour buses, which mantained on daily basis.


Samkalina also ensures seamless and secure travel throughout your visit and stay. We provide 24 hours Seven days a week maximum trained guard protection and other security facilities

Customer support

Best quality and comfort tour and stay throughout our guests' travel at various accomodation options. Some even have sports areas and dedicated touring wardens whoare always on hand to help.

About Us
Our History
Mission & Vision

We provide memorable tours and fascinating and beautiful landscapes, rare and exhaling wildlife at varius tour destination in Tanzania

Our Vision:
To become the best option for tour and safaris experience
Our Mission:
To provide unraveled tour and safaris experiences

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